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Offshore Wind Farms and safety in the Baltic Sea

The pace of work on investments in the construction of the first offshore wind farms in Polish sea areas accelerates. Therefore, it is necessary to consider the safety of navigation in the Baltic Sea.

Offshore wind energy is considered to be the area of ​​obtaining renewable energy with the greatest development potential. The Baltic Sea, with the potential for electricity generation comparable to the North Sea, creates great opportunities for Poland in the development of OWF investments. According to long-term estimates determining the potential of installed capacity from offshore wind farms in Europe by 2050, the Baltic Sea has a potential of 83 GW out of 450 GW estimated for the whole of Europe. The Polish potential in the above-mentioned timeframe is estimated at 28 GW. Ultimately, by 2030, the potential of offshore wind energy in Poland is estimated at between 7.5 GW and 14 GW.

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