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European Waterborne Transport Conference

The conference took place in Brussels on November 29 with the participation of Polish Maritime Technology Forum – the only organization representing Poland in WATERBORNE TP.

The conference brought together over 130 representatives from all over Europe, including MEPs, representatives of the European Commission, permanent representatives of the Member States at the European Union, universities and research institutes, classification societies, European and national shipowners’ associations, shipyards and suppliers of maritime systems and equipment, consulting companies, the largest European companies with global reach active in the maritime sector.

As part of the introduction, the chairman of WATERNBORNE TP, Henk Prins, talked about what WATERBORNE is and how it brings together institutions and organizations. He outlined ambitious plans to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the IMO strategy, and in the so-called “European Green Deal”, announced by the new President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen.

WATERBORNE TP is developing a partnership program for zero-emission water transport, in which over 50 institutions from all over Europe participate. Polish Maritime Technology Forum was the only one invited to represent Poland in this program.

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