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About the shipbuilding industry in the Economic Forum of TVP Gdańsk

The subject of the broadcast transmitted on the 24th of February at 6:05 PM, was the situation of the shipbuilding industry in Poland. The topic was inspired by the recently published report “The situation of the shipbuilding industry in Poland before the COVID-19 occurrence”, which was briefly discussed by the CEO of PMTF. In turn, the CEO of GospodarkaMorska.pl indicated the possible scenario of the further development of the industry. The press officer of Remontowa Holding commented on their situation, and the director of Forum Okrętowe referred to the presented suggestions for the activation of the shipbuilding industry.

The broadcast showed the specificity of the shipbuilding industry and maritime technology, a branch of the economy so important to our region and the whole country. The strong foundations allow for a dose of an optimism regarding the potential opportunities for the further development in the current difficult situation facing the challenges caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Watch the brodcast here: https://gdansk.tvp.pl/479120/forum-gospodarcze.