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A specialist tug from the Shoalbuster series was launched at Safe shipyard

Two floating cranes were used to launch the tug boat: Conrad Consul and Maja. The unit located on the wharf of the Safe shipyard was first pushed onto a barge pontoon. Then the cranes lifted it and lowered into the water.

Conrad Consul is the largest floating crane in Poland and belongs to Gdańsk Marine Shipyard. The crane is 44.82 m long, 21 m wide and has 2-m draft. Its lateral height is 3.7 m, and the maximum load capacity is 400 tons.

Maja belongs to Polskie Ratownictwo Okrętowe. The floating crane is 55.49 m long, 25.02 m wide and has 2.85-m draft. Its arm rotates 360 degrees, the main hook has a lifting capacity of 330 t, and the auxiliary hook – 100 t.

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