By Jerzy Czuczman

„KORAB CEMT Young 2020” conference gathered not only European attendees

Paraphrasing the song’s lyric: There is a time when we hear a certain call and the World has to keep a social distance. There were people trying to organise for the first time in Europe an International Conference on Postgraduate Research in the field of Maritime Technology.

The Polish Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers KORAB is a learning society and continues the heritage of the organisation set in 1924 by the Polish Students of Naval Architects studying at the Gdańsk University of Technology, in those days Gdańsk was so called “free city”. Now Polish SNAME “KORAB” is a member of CEMT (The Confederation of European Maritime Technology societies) and on behalf of CEMT organised the „KORAB CEMT Young 2020” under the Honorary Patronage of the Polish Ministry of Maritime Economy and Inland Navigation and in co-operation with The Royal Institution of Naval Architects RINA  the oldest in the World society of naval architects, set in 1860 under the Honorary Patronage of the British Crown.

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