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Final of the RINA-KORAB 2020 Competition

The final of the RINA-KORAB 2020 Competition for the best master’s thesis defended at the Faculty of Ocean Engineering and Ship Technology (OiO) of Gdańsk University of Technology last academic year took place on June 4 this year. Traditionally, the finals were held at the end of March and the beginning of April, but this year, due to the epidemic, the organizers, TOP KORAB and the OiO PG Department, decided to conduct the final of the RINA-KORAB 2020 Competition in the form of a conference call. Professor Janusz Kozak, Dean of the Faculty of OiO, opened the Faculty Council room and his office for the purposes of the Jury’s deliberations and technical support.

The winner of the RINA-KORAB 2020 edition was Piotr Winiarz, MSc.

Other finalists: Katarzyna Warnke-Olewniczak, MSc, Damian Bojar, MSc., and Jerzy Michniewicz, MSc.


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