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Report: The shipbuilding industry in Poland on the eve of the war in Ukraine

PMTF publishes the third in a series of annual reports on the situation of the shipbuilding industry in Poland.

The first report described the situation of our sector before the outbreak of the COVID-19 epidemic, i.e. the situation in 2019, and the second – the situation in 2020, after the outbreak of the epidemic. The current one describes the situation before the outbreak of war in Ukraine with references also to 2022. The reports were based on the data of the Central Statistical Office, as well as data entered in the National Court Register of shipbuilding companies. The formula of the reports is innovative, because it presents data as for any other sector of the economy, which makes it possible to compare the sectors with each other. This is a different view from the currently commonly used formula based on data such as DWT, GT or cGT.

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