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In shipyards the work is in full swing. Karstensen Shipyard Poland is implementing several ship constructions at the same time

Karstensen Shipyard Poland in Gdynia continues working on the construction of hulls of fishing vessels maintaining the current sanitary restrictions and despite the difficulties caused by the current situation in the country and the world.

In cooperation with PGA Gdynia, Tronds Marine, Sarens and Aquaprojekt, Karstensen Shipyard prepares the launch of the largest ever built NB 452 Vilhelm Thorsteinsson unit with a length of 88 m. “We hope that despite the difficulties, we will be able to launch the vessel in the near future”, says Tomasz Mulica, director of the shipyard Karstensen Shipyard Poland. At the same time, work is ongoing on subsequent projects.

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