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Impact of the COVID-19 crisis on the Polish shipbuilding industry – current status and perspectives

At present, the situation in the Polish shipyards is stable. Virtually all shipbuilding companies in Poland have production. Crist Shipyard, shipyards from the Remontowa Group, repair shipyards Nauta and Gryfia, Gdańsk Shipyard, Marine Projects shipyard, Safe and Alkor shipyards from Gdańsk, Karstensen Shipyard in Gdynia and other plants located mainly in the Tri-City and Szczecin are trying to maintain production while implementing maximum safety. Closing plants due to the epidemic is currently a black scenario that we should avoid at all costs.

“We have created a special crisis centre, which includes directors of all departments. We have taken a number of specific actions to avoid the potential coronavirus threat. Administrative employees were divided into groups that rotate from home or office. We have limited councils and meetings, which by way of exception happen to a group of 2 people. We divided the shipyards into zones and the movement between zones is limited. We divided the access to the shipyard into two gates and introduced different start times to minimize the number of people at the exits and in the pass offices. We measure temperatures for all employees”, says Krzysztof Kulczycki, one of the founders of the Crist shipyard, where over 2000 people work every day.

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