Addressul. Południowa 25b, 71-001 Szczecin
Telephone91 435 87 57
+48 603 710 809
Fax91 435 87 54

Company HEG has been present on Polish market for over 30 years. We provide our clients with highest quality machines for metal processing from renowned Western manufacturers. The company’s offer is addressed to large, medium and small enterprises, as well as to individual customers. The basis of our product range are, among others:

  • welding rotators and positioners
  • column and booms and lines for welding plate girders
  • assembly and welding stations for manufacturing tubular and conical workpieces
  • automation and robotization of welding
  • robots for 3d cutting of profiles and pipes
  • bending machines for plates
  • bending machines for tubes and profiles
  • pipe end forming equipment
  • vacuum lifting devices
  • hydraulic horizontal presses

The wide range of products offered allows us to select technological solutions tailored to the individual production needs of the Customer, including, among others, specialized production lines for shipbuilding, metallurgy and steel structures.