Post-graduate studies in offshore wind energy

16 August 2021 – 30 June 2022
University of Gdańsk

The Center for Sustainable Development of the University of Gdańsk, in cooperation with the Faculty of Social Sciences and the Faculty of Law and Administration, has started recruiting for the first edition of “Offshore Wind Energy” post-graduate studies. The aim of the studies is to provide participants with comprehensive knowledge of offshore wind energy. The study program includes: offshore wind energy (OWE) terminology, international and EU OWE conditions, competences of entities involved in OWE, maritime spatial planning functions, energy transformation and management of offshore wind energy potential, and administrative procedures for the implementation of offshore wind farms (OWF), safety of their operation and control of energy generation from OWF, as well as risk management of economic activity in the offshore wind energy sector. Classes are conducted by academic teachers specializing in specific issues, with extensive practical experience, and OWE experts invited to cooperate.

Recruitment for the studies began on August 16, 2021 and will end on October 15, 2021. The number of places is limited. The studies will last 2 semesters, are payable and will take place at weekends (Saturday – Sunday), starting in October 2021 and ending in June 2022. Depending on the pandemic situation, the studies will be held on-line using the MS Teams platform or locally at the University of Gdańsk.

Apply to Mrs Maria Karbowska, tel. 725 991 169 lub 58 523 41 70, mail: